"Playette Phone Book"

Created by Larry Wise & M. Goldsmith. Illustrated by Dick Briefer, 1945.


By Doug Boilesen, 2024

The telephone has many connections with the phonograph (see PBS American Experience's Edison: From the Telephone and the Telegraph Comes the Phonograph).

The word "Hello" used to answer the phone is also closely connected with Edison.

This 'Action Play Book" for children was illustrated by Dick Briefer who created the Playette Theatre and its storybook series of "moving picture" books where each page would drop down onto the Playette Theatre stage and the story would be read from the associated script.

The Playette Phone Book has one illustration and reference to phonograph records which places it on Phonographia's PhonoLiterature bookshelf.

The Music Shop's 'play' telephone number was MAin 7890.