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Phonograph related logos on the intranet


The Phonogram - The Official Organ of the Phonograph Companies of the US - 1891




The Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society (OTAPS, c.2006)






Antique Phonograph Society (APS)

The Antique Phonograph Society is a worldwide society of collectors who share a passion for the preservation of antique phonographs and records.

With the merger of the Antique Phonograph Society and the Michigan Antique Phonograph Society, APS now includes material from MAPS (see below).




Michigan Antique Phonograph Society (MAPS)






Old West Antique Phonograph Society (OWAPS)

OWAPS logo


OWAPS Alt-logo adapted from Edison poster Form 1189, circa 1907 Courtesy of Nina and Dave Heitz





Friends of the Phonograph and Phonographia

The Phonographia logo photo was taken by celebrated American photographer Douglas Keister for his 1990 book "Black Rock - Portraits on the Playa."





Canadian Antique Phonograph Society (CAPS)

The interests of the Canadian Antique Phonograph Society (CAPS) range across all aspects of sound recording and its history: phonographs and gramophones, all types of sound recordings of historic importance, ephemera and related memorabilia. There is particular emphasis placed on the history of recorded sound in Canada.




Carolina Antique Music and Phonograph Society (CAMPS)

Southern Hospitality is what the Carolina Antique Music and Phonograph Society (CAMPS) is all about.





Wisconsin Cheeseheads

Tthe "Wisconsin Cheeseheads" is now WIMAPS (Wisconsin Illinois Musical Antique Phonograph Society)






Michigan Antique Phonograph Society (MAPS)





Mainspring Press - Facebook




High Intelligence Office - Facebook






Antique Audio LLC





Montana Phonograph Company






Gettysburg Antique Phonographs




BackTrack Records Vintage Music (2011 - No longer a site)





Vinyl Renaissance

Vinyl Renaissance Kansas City's Best Record Store (2009)

Vinyl Renaissance is a real bricks and mortar record store, with employess ready to help you with your music selection or equipment repair





Hoosier Antique Phonograph Society (HAPS)





California Antique Phonograph Society (CAPS)


California Antique Phonograph Society (CAPS)





The Virtual Victrola







The Vintage Phonograph Society of New Zealand

See Phonograph.org.NZ Home page and back issues of their Journal







Cat Listening to Gramophone (c.2006)

Trades78 Ebay Store





Document Records










The City of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society


The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society was formed in 1919 as the London Edison Society and is the senior recorded music society in the world. The banner shown celebrates the 90th anniversary of the society.




Ted Staunton's 78 RPM record label gallery




Dismuke' Virtual Talking Machine









Le Grenier Musique

A small business that specialises in the development of artistic careers in music. Owner and Director Carol Doucet and her team work in artists’ management, booking and production of shows, administration of publishing rights in music, production of CDs, and media relations. Le Grenier musique works all over Canada, and in some parts of the USA and Europe.








Wolverine Antique Music Society

Silverton, Oregon: The "Wolverine Antique Music Society" was formed for the promotion, preservation and proliferation of music originally recorded using analog means at 78 revolutions per minute, (or there abouts).











Phonophan is the Web site of noted recorded sound historian and much-published author Tim Fabrizio, dedicated to preserving, understanding and purveying antique phonographs, talking machines, gramophones, Victrolas, graphophones, and related items such as Edison, Victor, Columbia, Zonophone, Berliner, Brunswick, RCA, Talkophone, collectible records, cylinders and 78s, needle tins, Edison memorabilia, "His Master's Voice" Nipper the dog, and morning glory horns.




The Gramophone Doctor





Guido's Musical Antiques





Tim's Phonographs and Old Records





Wyatt's Musical Americana





Phonograph Society of NSW Inc.





Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society





Said the Gramophone

Said the Gramophone is a daily sampler of songs. Said the Gramophone launched in March 2003.

The authors post that it "was one of the world's very first mp3blogs...all tracks are posted out of love. please go out and buy the records!"







Shortstack Records, Toronto, Ontario







The New York Times 2013







Needle to the Groove Record Shop - Fremont, CA





Dusty Groove, Chicago, IL





Mad Platter - Claremont and Riverside, CA








Vinyl of the Day, 2013







Sound Audio






Michael Cumella's Crank-Up Phonograph D.J. Experience





Victrola Coffee Roasters

This Seattle, WA coffee shop has the following to say about its name:

Our Story From the beginning, Victrola, named for the popular home phonograph of the 1920's, embraced the liveliness, exuberance and fun of the Jazz era. In our popular imagination the roaring 20's represent excess, prohibition, flappers, and speakeasies. The era's fingerprints mark much of what we do, from our passion for live vintage jazz to our cafes unique architectural charm.





Lagunitas Brewing Company







The Phonogalerie in Paris is a showroom where visitors can discover “talking machines” and recordings from every period, as well as books, posters, advertising materials and all kinds of other documents.