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Cultural questions related to the phonograph and how it was marketed to the home are central themes of Phonographia. How did the phonograph fit into the home? What were the advertising themes that consumers saw? And how many phonograph connections show the presence and influence of the phonograph in daily life and popular culture?

Answers to those questions tell the story of why Friends of the Phonograph celebrate the phonograph as the archetype of home entertainment.

Some Friends of the Phonograph celebrations are based on the phonograph's history and on connecting the dots of its popular culture impact and far-reaching legacy.

Some are simply for fun, like celebrating Phonographia Red Letter Days and Phonographia RPM birthdays.

But in the end Friends of the Phonograph's a.k.a. Phonographians believe the phonograph is a cultural icon that should be remembered and celebrated.

The Phonograph is an invention that began a revolution of sound.

The Phonograph created for each of us the "Best seat in the house. Forever"©

The magic is alive.

The revolution is still turning.




Six Phonographia Red-Letter Days


Birthday - Thomas Edison

Édouard-Léon Scott patented Phonautograph

Earliest recording of the human voice

Birthday - Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville

Birthday - Charles Cros

Birthday of Edison's Phonograph





Memories and Top-Fives by Friends of the Phonograph





Phono Factolas

The Axel and Betty Boilesen Legacy Exhibit

A Phonograph collection and stories in honor of Axel and Betty Boilesen, Friends of the Phonograph







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