Remember the Phonograph!


Friends of the Phonograph enjoy all popular culture connections with the phonograph.

How the phonograph was promoted, how it became part of the home, how it appeared in a variety of everyday connections throughout each decade are all part of the phonograph's legacy that make it the icon of recorded sound.

Some activities of Friends of the Phonograph are just for fun like celebrating the Birthday of Edison's Phonograph, or celebrating Phonographia Red Letter Days.

Sharing stories and memories and facts about the phonograph are other ways to remember the phonograph.

Always, however, Friends of the Phonograph have a refrain that may sound like a broken record but its message is true and Clear as a Bell: "The phonograph is a revolution still turning...The phonograph is a revolution still turning...."



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The Phonograph

began a revolution of sound

created the "Best seat in the house. Forever"©

is a revolution still turning.







Phonographia Red-Letter Days


Birthday - Eldridge R. Johnson

Birthday - Thomas Edison

Birthday - Alexander Graham Bell

Édouard-Léon Scott patented Phonautograph

Earliest recording of the human voice


April 25

April 25

May 20

July 26

October 1

Birthday - Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville

Birthday - Charles Sumner Tainter

Birthday - Emile Berliner

Birthday - Henri Lioret
Birthday - Charles Cros



November 30


December 6

December 26


Birthday - Chichester Alexander Bell

Birthday of Edison's Phonograph

Birthday - Charles Pathe



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