Friends of the Phonograph enjoy all phonograph connections.

Many activities of Friends of the Phonograph are just for fun like celebrating the Birthday of Edison's Phonograph.

Documenting Memories of the Phonograph and the legacy of the phonograph, however, are more lasting than blowing out birthday candles.

The history and wonder of the phonograph are embedded in Phonographia and its phonograph connections. Human connections with recorded sound and its world of music are everywhere.

Ironically, phonograph connections are probably invisible to most music listeners.

Friends of the Phonograph, a.k.a. Phonographians, who enjoy the connections, therefore share what they see as a living legacy when they repeat their mantra (designed to sound like a broken record): "The phonograph is a revolution still turning...The phonograph is a revolution still turning....The phonograph is a revolution still turning...."


Memories of the Phonograph by Friends of the Phonograph


Phonograph Related Resources, Societies, Archives and Recordings


The Phonograph

Began a revolution of recorded sound.

Created the Best seat in the house. Forever.

Is a revolution still turning.