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Thanksgiving and "The Turkey Trot"


The Cosmopolitan, November 1901



The Edison Phonograph Monthly, November 1904




Thanksgiving Menu originated by the Buffalo Phonograph Company, Buffalo NY in November 1905

The Edison Phonograph Monthly, January 1907




The Horn of Plenty, The Talking Machine World, January 1907


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, November 1909





Suggestions for Thanksgiving

Window Display Cards

The Edison Phonograph Monthly, November 1909



St. Nicholas Magazine, November 1911





The Edison Phonograph Monthly, November 1912

The Talking Machine World, January 15, 1913





The Talking Machine World, 1919




"After the Thanksgiving Dinner hear the voice of the Outer World," The Talking Machine World, November 1922



Decca Records, 78 RPM, 1948




Decca 45 RPM, circa 1950





Wurlitzer ad, November 1946



Trader Joe's Thanksgiving ad, 2013




Radio KKYR, November 2014, Jeffrey Collingwood, Thinkstock






Thanksgiving Playlist for Google Play Music


The Turkey Trot

Everybody's Doing it!

WATCH Dixie Dunbar and Wally Vernon do the Turkey Trot in the 1938 movie Alexander's Ragtime Band. Vocal by Alice Faye.


Postcard circa 1912



Mutt and Jeff Tobacco Insert Card for Sweet Caporal Cigarettes, circa 1911


It’s scandalous! It’s immoral! It’s the “Turkey Trot”!

November 27, 2014 by Karen Fishman and co-written with Jan McKee, Reference Librarian, Recorded Sound Section, Library of Congress.


Read this brief history of the "Turkey Trot" dance which includes links to listen to "Too Much Mustard," Europes Society Orchestra, 1913-12-29 (Victor 35359) and "The Grizzley-Turkey Trot," Arthur Pryor Band, 1912-04-11, (Victor 17111)

Music and lyrics by Paul A. Rubens and Arthur Wimperis. Chappel & Co., Ltd. c1912 - Library of Congress

Irene and Vernon Castle raised the popularity of "The Turkey Trot" by dancing it in the Broadway show The Sunshine Girl.



"Modern Dancing by Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle," Published by World Syndicate Co., New York, c1914

(Image 24 Courtesy of Library of Congress)


"I'm Crazy 'bout the Turkey Trot," F.B. Haviland Publ.Co., New York, 1911

The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection, Johns Hopkins University


"Turkey Trot," Published by Jos. M. Daly, Boston, 1912

Charles H. Templeton, Sr. sheet music collection. Special Collections, Mississippi State University Libraries.






The McKinley turkey - A different kind of Broken Record

Judge magazine, November 28, 1896



Thanksgiving with the Tindles and their Phonograph

by Patrick Feaster / November 22, 2017


This story documented by Patrick Feaster is about a family that marked their 1917 Thanksgiving by making a record on their cylinder phonograph. As Patrick describes this, "It wasn’t the first time they’d done such a thing, either: the Tindles had been recording themselves and their friends and neighbors for about ten years at that point and had even made a similar Thanksgiving record back in 1911."

In Patrick's Griffonage-Dot-Com blog he shares "both Thanksgiving records, along with nine more of the Tindles’ home-recorded cylinders."

Listen and enjoy!

Courtesy of Patrick Feaster's blog Giffonage-Dot-Com



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