The Golden Throat

The RCA Victor "Golden Throat"

RCA Victor's Golden Throat

The "Golden Throat" was a personification of the human voice produced by "RCA Victor's exclusive 3-way Acoustical System." A golden head that looked like a classical sculpture next to its silhouette with a speaker inside was a standard element of the "Golden Throat" ads. Called their symbolization of the Golden Throat the ads beginning in 1946 proclaimed it the "Finest Tone System in RCA History."


The announcement of the new RCA Victor "Golden Throat", 1946.



RCA Victor "Golden Throat" is here! 1946.


The "Golden Throat" of the Victrola reaches new perfection for RCA Victor, 1946.


"Listen to this magnificent Victrola with the "Golden Throat!" 1946.


"Luxurious Listening with the Golden Throat," 1946.


"Luxurious Listening with the Golden Throat," The Saturday Evening Post, 1946.


"Listen to its famous Golden Throat," 1947.


"It's a's a Hit!" 1947.


"Tone, Styling, Victrola phonograph, World-Wide Radio - "The Golden Throat" 1947.


"New Worlds of listening pleasure for you...with the famous tone of the Golden Throat"! 1947.

"Outstanding Quality at an Understanding Price" from the famous Golden Throat! 1947.


"Christmas Merry Markers for many Happy New Years!" RCA Victor - the Golden Throat, The Saturday Evening Post, December 13, 1947.


"Clear as Carols on Christmas Eve...with the Golden Throat." RCA Victor, December 1947.


"Tune it in...or let 'em spin" with the Golden Throat," 1948.


"Music comes to Life" with the Golden Throat," 1948.


"Topflight performance at a down to earth price." It has the with the "Golden Throat," 1948.


"9 ways to play the perfect Santa Claus." Life, December 6, 1948.



"Its "Golden Throat sounds like a million..." 1948.