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July 24, 2022


A Celebration of Life Day for Ron Jester, a Friend of the Phonograph



Although Friends of the Phonograph members often celebrate their birthday as a Birthday Anniversary or Anniversary of Your Birth, Ron has designated this July 24th as a Celebration of Life Day.

We don't want Ron to miss out on being wished "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Birthday Anniversary" (see Phonographia's Dictionary) so here's a hearty "Happy Birthday Anniversary, Ron."

"You say it's your Celebration of Life Day. We're gonna have a good time. I'm glad it's your Celebration of Life Day. Happy Celebration of Life Day to you."


"Happy Celebration of Life Day, Ron!"

Enjoy the Day!



For Ron, the accountant of Friends of the Phonograph, courtesy of Bob Thaves, 2003





Ron's accounting advice: "Keep Good Records" and be ready for the Taxman






SMASH Records Comedy LP, 1963




Nuclear Blast Records, 2018







July 24, 2022 - On this Day Factola