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June 5, 1849


1849 Danish Holiday - annually celebrated in Dannevirke, NE


The Danish constitution was signed on June 5,1849.

Each year Axel Boilesen (a proud Dane) celebrated this holiday and remembered growing up when families celebrated the day with picnics and ballgames followed by a dance generally in Dannevirke or Dannebrog, NE. He would later use this Danish holiday to honor his wife and the dances held at the Dannevirke town hall when he was young by sending checks on June 5 to his children and grandchildren. "Your mother was a beautiful dancer and I am sure she was there more than once" Axel told his son Doug one year when they visited the Dannevirke town hall.

Above is a photograph of Betty Boilesen in 1995 standing in front of that town hall (one of the few remaining buildings in Dannevirke).





On this Day Factola - June 5, 1849