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Toy Story 2 - Record Player
Artist: Pixar
Media: computer generated graphics

Location: Toy Story 2, 1999

Description: This is one of the great movie scenes in all of Phonographia. If you haven't seen it, check out Toy Story 2 for Jessie, Woody and Bullseye's "track" scene on the phonograph, as the record changes speeds with the switch of the speed control. Classic!


Dancing Girl
Artist: Austin Family sculpture, 1983
Little girl dancing next to a Gramophone, 9" tall
Location: Private collection


Lilo and Stitch
Artist: Disney artists, circa 2000
Media: Animation cel
Location: UnknownDescription:

Description: This scene from a Lilo and Stitch cartoon features the two listening to 50's style record player.


Artist: c.1995
Media: Wee Forest Folk sculpture

Location: Private collection

Description: Wee Forest Folk® is a small family business which delights in producing a line of miniatures -- most of which are mice. Annette Petersen crafted her first little critter over 30 years ago. Since then, her children have learned the ways of the mice and have created their own! Each piece is a casting of an original sculpted by either Annette, Willy and Donna. This piece is M-176, discontinued in 1996.


20 Tips
Artist: Unknown, circa 2005
Media: Color Magazine Drawing

Location: Budget Travel Magazine November 2005

Description: In the section titled "20 Tips," the November 2005 edition of the magazine Budget Travel used a bicyclist dancer tangoing to stylized record player as the graphic for Tip Number 1 which reads: "Sightsee by bicycle. A bike tour will offer a good introduction to a place and you'll cover much more ground than if you were on foot. In Buenos Aires, for example, Lan & Kramer Bike Tours has a few guided itineraries that are fun for all ages and abilities - Meda Florin, Carmichael Calif.


Tres bon état
Artist: Unknown, c.1905
Media: Card, lithograph, Tres bon état, colle d'origine au verso, format 150x200 mm Port en sus 0.75
Location: Private collection


Mementos 1971 - 1987
Artist: Unknown, 1987
Album by: Pure Prairie League
Media: CD Album cover


Frances the Mute b/w the Widow (Live)
Artist: Unknown, 2005
Album by: The Mars Volta
Media: Album cover (for a single)

Description: Open-horned gramophone with a stylistic shadow from the horn.



Grammy 2006 Nominees
Artist: Unknown, 2006
Album by: Various
Media: CD cover

Description: This CD cover features the most famous contemporary reminder of the Phonograph, The Grammy.


Sonora Tradecard
Artist: Unknown, 1916
Media: Paper, multi-fold
Location: Private collection

Description: This tradecard features an affluent couple outside their doorway. Upon opening the door (and the card), a richly decorated room prominently includes a Sonora phonograph (somewhat oddly placed if it wasn't an advertisement). Sonora was known as "The Instrument of Quality" and "Clear as a Bell" and this advertisement was typical of its desire to appeal to the Fifth Avenue class.


Zon-o-phone Tradecard
Artist: Unknown, 1904
Media: Paper, multi-fold
Location: Private collection

Description: This 1904 promotional piece for Zon-o-phone pictured two rural types peeking into a barn to listen to the band. The "confusion" over the source of the band was a common advertising theme, mistaking the sound from the phonograph with a real band. "Gosh Samanatha, it's a Zon-o-phone. Thought sure 'twas one of them city bands."

The bottom scene is with both "doors" of the pamphlet fully open. Click on any image to enlarge. Click here to see Edison's version of "Looking for the Band."


Victor Promotional Pamphlet
Artist: Unknown, circa 1905
Media: Paper, multi-page
Location: Private collection

Description: This Victor Talking Machine Company promotional booklet has a color drawing for each day of the week, plus an image of Santa delivering a Victor for Christmas. The target audience is for parents to learn how many different ways children will enjoy this wonderful machine. Displayed here are the cover page, Friday and Christmas.

Text accompanied each Day of the Week's illustration. Friday's page reveals American turn-of-the-century cultural attitudes, as follows:

Mamma said we could take the coachman's children to the nursery, to hear our Victor. They certainly did look funny all dressed up like real cake-walkers. When they joined with the Victor in singing "Moving Day," and "Loving Henry," Mamma came rushing upstairs to see what was the matter, when she, too, could not help but scream with laughter at the sight of Rastus and his sister.


Artist: EsQui, 2002
Media: Paper, ink-jet
Location: Private collection


Bishop and the Graphophone
Artist: Unknown
Location: Private collection


The Graphophone: De-Lighted
Artist: Unknown, c1904
Media: Paper (Cover of Brochure)
Location: Private collection


Elves listening to Bingola
Artist: Unknown
Media: Litho on tin (graphic on side of Bingola)
Location: Private collection


Puritan Decal (inside of Phonograph lid)
Artist: Unknown, c1918
Media: Decal on wood
Location: Private collection


Artist: Unknown, c1910
Media: Record Label
Location: Private collection


Perfection Concert Record
Artist: Unknown, c1910
Media: Record Label
Location: Courtesy Roger Mackey



The Nightingale (inside of Phonograph lid)
Artist: Unknown, c1918
Media: Decal on wood (Advertisement)
Location: Private collection


Picture Disc
Artist: Unknown, 1983
Media: Cardboard, plastic
Location: Private collection


Mr. Bluster
Artist: Unknown, c. 1955
Media: cloth, handerchief
Location: Private collection


Winnie the Pooh and his Friends - Puzzle
Artist: Unknown, 2002
Media: Wood, lithograph
Location: Private collection


Candy Container
Artist: Unknown, c.1920
Media: glass, metal
Location: Private collection


Gramophone Christmas Ornament
Artist: Radko, c1996
Media: glass
Location: Private collection


The Musician's Daughter
Artist: Chiriaka, c.1953
Media: Lithograph on calendar, (11 5 x 8.5")
Location: Private collection


A cool breeze and a hot number
Artist: Unknown, c.1961
Media: Lithograph on calendar, 8" x 10" ( Calendar 9 3/4" x 13 1/4")
Location: Private collection

Description: June 1961 advertising calendar, "A cool breeze and a hot number". Tropical beach, Vincent R. Allen Co, Fine Jewelry


Limoges, Decorative Box
Media: enameled porcelein

Location: Private collection

Description: This decorative box is from the famous Limoges maker PARRY VIEILLE. When opened, it reveals the maker's mark: a PV inside a Circle of words that say:"Limoges, France Marque Deposee" and beneath that "Peint Main" which translates to English: Limoges, France, mark placed, hand painted.


Cat Listening to Gramophone
Artist: Unknown
Media: Unknown

Location: Trades78 Ebay Store

Description: This illustration was used by an EBAY store selling record needles for 78 rpms. To purchase needles from this dealer, go to the following EBAY store:


Flapper Fairy #1
Artist: Misty Benson
Media:12 x 16 print

Location: Private collection

Description by the artist: Straight out of the Roarin' '20s, the little Flapper Fairy does the Charleston to the tunes coming from her Victrola. With her Clara Bow looks and her Victor by her side, she sometimes just feels like dancing 'til daybreak! I hope you will consider inviting a little playful flapper sentimentality into your home!

To order a print go to EBAY express


Hard Rock Cafe 2005 Valentine's Day
Artist: Unknown, 2005
Media: Enamel metal, pin, 1 3/8" x 1 5/8".
Location: Private collection, Limited Edition 200

Description: Gold base metal pin with Hard Rock Cafe (Nagoya, Japan) Logo and tac on back. Created for Valentine's Day 2005 using a heart for the record player stylus and hearts on the horn.


Nipper in Luzem
Artist: Photographed by Doug Fink, 2006
Media: Painting on building

Location: Private collection

Description: This illustration of Nipper on a building in Luzern, Switzerland was photographed by Friend of the Phonograph Doug Fink, 2006. Click on image for larger view.




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