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The Chris and Elizabeth Boilesen Family Album - My Brothers and Sisters


Chris and Elizabeth Boilesen's six children were Floyd, Lester, Lois, Fern, Axel, and Garold. All were born and raised on their farm west of Cotesfield, Nebraska. Because of finances and the Depression the family moved in late 1943 or 1944 to another farm 'across the river' east of Cotesfield where Garold would continue to be raised.


(L-R Back) Fern, Floyd; (Front) Lester, Lois



L-R Backrow: Lester, Axel, Floyd; Lois and Fern in front ca. 1927



Axel, Lester, Garold and Floyd ca. 1938




Lois, Fern holding Garold, and Axel, 1937




Family portrait - Backrow L-R Fern, Floyd, Axel, Lester, Lois; Front row Garold, and parents Elizabeth and Chris, circa 1941




The four brothers L-R Axel, Lester, Floyd and Garold in front



Fern and Lois


Cotesfield News: The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska October 7, 1936




Lois and Fern




Ray and Lois, Mildred and Floyd 1939




"1940 there about"




1949 (Cotesfield farm across the river)





Lois, Fern and Betty




Circa 1951




January 1982



Floyd Axel Boilesen was the eldest, born on October 4, 1915 in Cotesfield, Nebraska.



The Cotesfield Department: The St. Paul Phonograph, July 15, 1918

Floyd (two-years 9 months) was the baby thrown from the wagon with his mother. Lester would be born six weeks later.



Cotesfield News: The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska March 11, 1931



Floyd and Mildred were married on July 15, 1938 in Ord, Nebraska



July 20, 1938, The Phonograph, St. Paul, NE

Mildred M. Johnson was born on January 1, 1916 on the family farm in Howard County, Nebraska to Clyde and Rosa (Hunter) Johnson. Mildred passed on September 13, 2003.
Floyd Axel Boilesen was born on October 4, 1915 in Cotesfield, Nebraska. Floyd passed on February 20, 1988.

Floyd and Mildred lived in Salina, Kan., Burwell, Scotia and Loup City before settling on a farm near Ord in 1948. They farmed until 1958 and then moved to Ord and ran agricultural enterprises, selling the business in 1980.


Floyd and Mildred had four children: Janice, Carol, Gaylord and Ila.






Lester Andrew Boilesen was born on August 28, 1918 in Cotesfield, Nebraska.




Enlisted in Army June 19, 1944 Leavenworth, Kansas


Bernice and Lester were married on May 27, 1949 in Brownhelm, Ohio.


Lester Andrew Boilesen was born on August 28, 1918 in Cotesfield, Nebraska. Rev. Lester passed on March 23, 1994.

Bernice Hasenpflug was born on July 1, 1924 to Arthur A. and Marian A. (Brandau) Hasenpflug in Brownhelm, Ohio. Bernice passed on August 15, 2016.

Bernice and Lester served many United Methodist churches in Nebraska during a period of more than 40 years.


Lester and Bernice had one son, Eugene, and an adopted daughter, Susan




Lois Marie Boilesen, was born December 17, 1919 in Cotesfield, Nebraska




Cotesfield: The St. Paul Phonograph, April 15, 1920

Lois was the baby being referenced in this article.



Lois and Ray Stevens were married in St. Paul, Nebraska, on January 21, 1939.



Cotesfield News: The Phonograph, St. Paul, NE, January 25, 1939



Cotesfield News: The Phonograph, St. Paul, NE, February 1, 1939


Lois graduated from Cotesfield High School in 1938 and Lois was married on January 21, 1939 to Ray Stevens.

Lois and Ray first made their home on the Stevens family farm northeast of Cotesfield where they farmed until 1961.



The Stevens' Family Trip to Oregon 1958

Ray and Lois visiting Ray's sister Wilma in Oregon, 1958









Ray and Lois had three children: Leila, Russell and Jeanne





Raymond Paul Stevens was born on April 4, 1919 to Willie and Agnes Stevens. Ray Stevens passed on July 7, 1991.

Lois Stevens passed on January 27, 2007.



Fern Johanna Boilesen was born on February 12, 1921 in Cotesfield, Nebraska.



Cotesfield News: The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska May 14, 1930



The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska May 5, 1937

Note: This would mean that Fern went into Hospital on April 30, 1937.



The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska May 12, 1937


The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska June 9, 1937


The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska June 9, 1937



The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska June 16, 1937

This would mean that Fern was released from hospital on June 9, 1937, 5 weeks after surgery.





Fern and Albert were married on June 6, 1942 in St Paul, Nebraska




Howard County Herald, June 10, 1942





Fern visiting parents at their farm



Fern and Albert had three daughters: Sheryl, Gloria and Crysta




Fern and Albert 1982



Fern Boilesen Stroh passed on August 26, 1990.

Albert Glenn Stroh was born on December 11, 1920. Rev. Albert passed on September 16, 2005.



Axel Christian Boilesen was born on April 18, 1923 in Cotesfield, Nebraska.



Here's how the Cotesfield Department section of the Howard County Herald reported his birth in their Thursday, April 26, 1923 edition:

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Boilsen (sic) on Wednesday morning, a bright little baby boy, with Dr. Arnold of St. Paul and Mrs. Wm. Lint, in attendance. All concerned are doing nicely, as well as circumstances will allow, as the mother had been suffering with pleurisy for several days before the arrival of the baby. She is resting very comfortably at this writing (Monday).


Axel was named for his late cousin Axel Chris Boilesen, eldest son of his Uncle Hans Boilesen (brother of Chris Boilesen) who passed away on June 15, 1922 at the age of 13.
The following is the Obituary for young Axel as it appeared in the St. Paul Phonograph newspaper on June 21, 1922 p.8




Cotesfield News: The Phonograph, St. Paul, Nebraska January 9, 1929




Axel and Betty were school classmates


Cotesfield class picture for Grammar Room, 1936-37



Axel and Betty were married on August 25, 1946

For details about this wedding see Betty Ann Barr's Wedding





Axel and Betty had three children: Douglas, Beverly and James


Betty Ann Barr was born on August 26, 1924. Betty Barr Boilesen passed on October 26, 2000.

Axel Boilesen passed on March 21, 2013.




Garold Boilesen was born on November 23, 1935 in Cotesfield, Nebraska.


Garold 6 Months



"Papa & Garold behind the hen house" c.1937




Garold and Russell




"Garold in need of new teeth"








Garold holding Russell, Edna Mae holding Janice




Garold with Floyd's calf




Garold, circa 1943




Garold in back row fourth from left; Russell third from left and Leila seventh from left front row - District 5 School House east of river





High School Graduation 1954

After graduating from high school Garold moved to Inglewood, California to be trained and certified as an Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic. Garold then continued his aircraft mechanics training after he joined the Air Force in 1956.

Upon completing his military service in 1960 Garold joined Braniff International Airways, Inc. and moved to Des Moines, Iowa. Being the low man in seniority he would be moved to Kansas City, then Chicago, back to Kansas City and then Des Moines. While in Des Moines he met and married Andrea Huddleston, who also worked for Braniff.




Garold with parents on the farm, April 1956




Garold and Andrea, July 1, 1964, The Phonograph, St. Paul, NE



Garold and Andrea "Andy" Boilesen were married on August 8, 1964






Andrea "Andy" Boilesen was born on February 14, 1939 to Robert and Lillian Huddleston and raised in Williams, Iowa,

Andy attended Iowa State University and went on to work for the airlines, initially as a flight attendant based in New York City. She met her husband, Garold “Jerry” Boilesen, in 1963, through mutual friends–Andy was a ticket agent and Jerry was an aircraft mechanic at the Des Moines airport. They married on August 8, 1964.

After marriage Garold and Andy moved to Miami in 1969 and then to Denver; next to Des Moines and back to Denver. After joining Northwest Airlines in 1983 they lived in Minneapolis until retirement in 2005. In 2006 their official retirement destination was completed with their move to Webster City, Iowa. Andy and Garold had two children, Karen and Robert.










October 2017


Andrea passed on March 24, 2018.






Chris and Elizabeth Boilesen Family Gatherings


The Grandchildren with Grandpa and Grandma at their farm, 1951



Grandchildren of Chris and Elizabeth (the cousins) at picnic Ord, NE1952



Family picnic Central City 1953 (Elizabeth and Chris far left)




Family reunion, Lincoln, September 2007




Family reunion, Garold, Bernice and Axel, Lincoln 2007




Garold and Axel, Lincoln September 2007




Cousins gather with Garold, October 2021












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