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January 1

Happy New Year and the Phonograph


Phonograph connections with January 1 and the New Year have multiple connections in popular culture.

Phonograph dealers could give away calendars each year promoting their store and the phonographs and records they sold. National advertisements could introduce new models or simply welcome the year and wish all of their potential customers a "Happy New Year." Postcards were quite popular and phonographs are pictured in a number of cards from around the world.




"Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New," The Phonogram, p. 276 December 1892 (Read rest of article HERE)



Sonora 1922 Calendar





Edison advertisement for December 1904, The Edison Phonograph Monthly



Edison advertisement for January 1905, The Edison Phonograph Monthly



"New Year's Greetings to the Trade", The Talking Machine World, January 1907



The Talking Machine World, January 1916



"Happy New Year," Netherlands, circa 1910 (PM-0455A)


"Happy New Year," France, 1922 (PM-1257)






LISTEN to Auld Lang Syne performed by the Mediaeval Baebes, 2014 and accompanied by Happy New Year phonograph ephemera.









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