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Phonographia are popular culture connections with the Phonograph.

If it relates, references, or is a reminder of the Phonograph it is an example of Phonographia. (1)


Remember the Phonograph!

DB on the Black Rock Desert celebrating the Phonograph

Trumpeting the Revolution! (2)


With the completion of the Phonograph on December 6, 1877 the social, cultural and literal rpm revolution of recorded sound officially began.

Sound recording was actually invented twice. But it was Thomas Alva Edison and his head machinist, John Kruesi, who first successfully captured the human voice and played it back on Edison's "Talking Phonograph." (3)

This site celebrates the phonograph and its role in everyday life up to the present day. Ephemeral sound was captured and replayed in 1877 and we still do it today.

Visit Phonographia galleries Friends of the Phonograph, PhonoArt, and Factolas to see some of the phonograph's popular culture connections from every decade since 1877.















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